Moving-In Stage One:

The moving in process starts in August, so whether you’re planning on spending your summer trekking in Borneo or driving a Cadillac up the East Coast, make sure you leave enough time to get information to us! Here’s a list of the information you must provide before the end of August:

1) Proof of student status (for all tenants) – A copy of your valid student ID card or your acceptance letter (for first year students only). It’s our policy only to rent to full-time students.

2) Proof of good previous tenancy (for all tenants) – Get in touch with your previous landlord and ask them for one; it lets us know that you have a history of paying rent on time and not causing undue issues.

3) Guarantors Agreement (for all tenants) – Available for download from our website. Each tenant must have a UK-based guarantor who agrees to pay their rent if they fail to do so.

4) The remainder of your property deposit (as a group) – This amounts to twice the amount you paid for your holding deposit. The total sum then becomes your property deposit – an amount held by us from which we can deduct sums only in accordance with the terms of the contract between us. Within 14 days of the move-in, this amount will be protected under the insurance-backed scheme.

It's important to recognise that your holding deposit is at risk if you do not provide all of the above by 31st August.

All our properties are furnished however there are a number of essentials that we don’t provide that you may wish to purchase before your move. These include: crockery and cutlery, bed linen and mattress protectors, cleaning products and toilet rolls.

Moving-In Stage Two:

You must pay your first month's rent on or before the first of September. Generally it’s a good idea to set up a standing order to pay us on the first of every month, with the last payment on the first of August of the following year.Most groups do this from a specially formed joint account.

Once you’ve paid your rent and completed all the pre-move requirements you can move in to your new Accomco home. We will move you in personally at an appointment arranged on or after 01 September; this is a chance for us to explain where to find the rising water main, gas stop-cock and electrical distribution board as well as the various utility meters and heating controls.

We will provide one set of keys per tenant, however when move-ins take place very early in September and previous tenants have returned their keys by post, it can occasionally take us up to three days to recover the full complement of originals.

Utilities at all our undergraduate properties are the responsibility of tenants so at this stage it’s a good idea to consider which suppliers you’d like to provide your Gas, Electricity, Broadband and Telephone connections. Full lists of suppliers can be found by using comparison sites such as Gocompare,Moneysupermarket and MSE. Make sure you provide them with a moving-in meter reading where applicable.

Moving-In Stage Three:
We’re almost there! Typically students arrive at Uni at different times in September (and sometimes October), depending upon their course. For this reason we wait until the majority of tenants have completed their move-in before setting a date when contracts are to be signed. This normally falls between 20th September and 10th October. Once agreed, all tenants must be present to sign contracts.

Before you sign your contract, you must read a couple of items which are located in the login area of this website, namely an example tenancy agreement and the ‘prescribed information’* relating to the deposit protection scheme. When you sign your contract you are signing to say you have had the opportunity to read these documents in advance.

The rental period at each of our properties runs from 1st September until 31st August. You will sign a 12 month Fixed Term Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST)*, this means that you will be jointly and severally obliged to pay rent for the whole period; if you do not understand the implications of this it is important that you seek independent advice. Its format is based on that recommended by the National Landlords Association*. The ‘lead tenant’ will also sign the property deposit protection certificate at this stage, you are entitled to a copy should you require one.

That’s it! You’re all set to enjoy 12 months of trouble-free student living.

*Odd terms? Check out our FAQs for more information.